Plans and Scans

February 25, 2016

Three weeks since I received the diagnosis of breast cancer. A time warp. I’ve had some additional scans, met with the surgeon and oncologist, found a new GP in Wakefield and received my fashionably gray Gatineau Hospital card.


I am glad to report that we have positive news and we have a treatment plan in place. That we are in good spirits, buoyed by much loving kindness (as well as invaluable assistance in understanding all the medical information).


My CT-Scan and my bone scan are both clear. This means that the cancer hasn’t spread beyond the few lymph nodes observed during the earlier biopsy process. This is a huge relief and truly good news.


I will begin a six-month course of chemotherapy on March 7th. Surgery to follow in the Fall. I have a few more baseline tests in the coming week. We are thankful that I’ll be able to begin this process so quickly.


Onwards to becoming well once more!




Angie has created a lovely sitting room for me upstairs (with a hint of office space too – it is for me after all!) It is flooded with light – and already houses the beginnings of a vision board. I am also really looking forward to the deck and garden once Spring arrives and the warm weather unfurls. I have been able to close down my work files and will be taking a medical leave. Creating mental space as well.


 The Persey cat is also pleased to have a more frequent choice of a second lap. 



A very full few weeks. We have even both been able to get over colds!


We’re looking forward to seeing those who are able to drop by at our Open House on the afternoon of February 28th. We will find a way to keep you up-to-date. Know that over the next many months our door and email boxes will be open…


We feel embraced, loved and cared for, and safe in this process.


Thank you.

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