This page provides links to documents mentioned in my blog postings along with links to some online resources I have found useful.


Broth can provide nutritional support during chemotherapy – and may have an impact on

white blood counts. Click on Recipe for a PDF document with the recipe I used. I also recommend Rebecca Katz, The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, for excellent nutrition during cancer treatment and thereafter.


I've prepared a PDF of my posting on how I approached chemotherapy and various tips and strategies I followed.


The Daily Journal/Weekly Reflection (Friday File) Journal helps you build positive wellbeing practices into your days. Click on the links to get PDF documents that you can print: landscape mode, ideally print both sides, flip on short edge.



This 2016 document from helps you read and understand your pathology report so you can get a better understanding of your cancer and prognosis. Click here for the PDF.



Be the Choice: This site helps you navigate the many treatment (and sequencing) decisions you face when diagnosed with cancer. A colleague of mine was the driving force in establishing this site after her own experience with breast cancer.


Breast I found this source particularly clear and helpful. It provides information on different treatments and explains chemotherapy regimens and drugs. It includes an excellent blog


There are many online blogs by women with breast cancer. Some can be very useful and informing. Others can be a bit overwhelming, especially in the early days. It is a good idea to have a friend screen a blog before you read it. They’ll let you know if it’s for you or not.


“Best Blogs” of the Year: gives an annual list of   Click on the link and explore!


A Local Blog from Chelsea, QC Blog


A fellow Chelsea resident, Sarah Cox, blogged extensively on her experience within the Gatineau Hospital cancer treatment process in 2015. A very informative read!



There are also sites where you can set up your own blog and organize how friends can offer help., Caring Bridge are popular. But there is no need to have a blog – find the way that works for you to be in touch with others.

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On January 22, 2016 I went for a mammogram, to confirm that a lump in my right breast was a cyst. It was. And it saved my life. Because I was overdue for my breast screening, imaging was also done on my left breast  The mammogram and ultrasound came back “highly suspicious” for breast cancer...

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