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Cancer treatment (and rehabilitation for a serious shoulder injury) are gruelling. They require personal determination and grit. It can be a real trudge at times as the novelty wears off and the long winter (or humid summer) continues. But, along the way there are milestones: the last chemo treatment, positive meetings with the orthopedic surgeon...

Even with the bigger picture uncertain and more treatment and recovery ahead, we chose to celebrate each milestone. Often with champagne (or sparkling water). Always with others (in a small group or a larger one). With gratitude and realism; zest and laughter.' pizza and salad.

We recommend the approach!

...And, Angie made sure that we also celebrated our own special days in spite of and because of the challenges of the times. Valentine's Day for example: first on the left, 2016 (in shock, but carrying on) and more recently on the right, 2017, with relief.

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