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Pathology: Great News!

Today we had my post-op examination with the surgeon. Surgery was five weeks ago.

First, incision and range of motion: all good. Residual swelling will go down in due course. Rx: continued physio exercise; swimming now okay again. Golf a required part of ongoing rehabilitation in the Spring.

Second, the surgeon had just received the pathology report. Good news. In fact, great news.

I responded very well to the chemo – with the surgery clearing the remaining cancer. The tumour shrank and was the grade of the cancer was also downgraded from the (worryingly aggressive) grade 3 shown on biopsy to intermediate grade 2. Clear surgery margins of 8mm. No lymphovascular invasion which means the cancer didn’t break into the blood vessels or lymph channels. This is important as it indicates that the cancer hasn’t travelled outside of my breast and thus, reduces the risk of it coming back in the future.

Only one positive lymph node from the nine removed. Very likely that it was the one identified on biopsy and no sign of the other enlarged lymph node noted at the time as possibly cancerous. The positive lymph node had shrunk from 6mm to 1.5mm – reducing it to micro-metastasis. Like the breast tumour, it was removed. And, with relief, the cancer was contained in that node (no capsular rupture).

All very favourable for excellent prognosis. In her medical note she wrote "patient is in remission from November 03, 2016" Fine words indeed!

I see my radio-oncologist on Monday to review whether it's necessary to have radiation at all... the surgeon suggested that I might be a candidate to skip it ... Can’t deny the added level of elation that would bring -- It would be so good to be done treatment!

Meanwhile, celebration!


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