Help in the Garden (and the Snow)

I have a large perennial garden. Too large for me to care for during treatments. And I had plans for it: I wanted to spread it all with compost in the Spring!

A friend kindly offered to pick up bags and bags of compost (36 actually) over several trips and returned with other friends to spread it in the early spring.

Others helped me weed or plant vegetables (actually, all I could do was watch as chemotherapy ground on over the summer).

Another friend bought some Canada 150 bulbs and came in the late Fall to plant them in the garden. In similar vein, another friend came to visit with 6 dozen daffodil bulbs of different varieties.

Even though the snow now blankets the garden beds, I know they are coming alive in the Spring. Come winter, our neighbours came down and shovelled our walk during times of heavy snowfall.

This was all incredibly helpful.

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