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Furry Friends: Caring and Being Cared For

As you may have noticed, we love our cat.

No secret. She even made onto ‘the cake’ at a work farewell.

She indicated what she’d liked to be called when we were lucky enough to see her in an Adopt-Me window over 19 years ago. She purred into my ear while nuzzling into my neck. Persey it was (short for Persephone, giving some grandeur to purring). It was immediate love for this being who has shown herself to be gentle, playful, affectionate and intelligent. She’s also become much more social over the year, greeting visitors and being part of our gatherings.

She makes it very clear when she wants a lap to settle into, we tend to oblige. Cat-a-tonic we call it. In her way, then, she has been companion and care-giver to both of us over the year.

And we return the favour with playtime, cuddles, and ongoing efforts to ensure a tasty and varied diet to her liking.

But, as anyone will know, sharing life with a companion-animal comes with obligations. Dogs need to be walked. Cats and dogs need to be loved and cared for every day. This is a way that friends can offer practical assistance.

When we found a window of time without appointments we were able to plan a week away in Florida in November. What made it possible to go was that, Annie, our friend (and Persey’s friend too), stepped in to be Persey’s cat-sitter. We were not only able to get away but also to completely relax. We came home to a happy, well-brushed, and settled cat.

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