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Notes and checking in

One friend in a distant city has faithfully, every week during all my treatments and between times, sent me a different card. Inside she has written just a few lines about what she was doing that week or a thought or two. Nothing too long or deep. It was a highlight of the week to go the mail box to get ‘this week’s card’.

At the At Home Gathering, four loved colleagues (yes, I do love a lot of my colleagues!) brought a basket filled with envelopes. Each one contained a thought, a prayer, a quote, a loving comment about me or a reflection on the miracle of tulsi basil. They have been fun to open over the year and sometimes deeply moving.

Our niece sent us occasional letters, notes and photos of family life with a toddler. It was particularly fun to get some cartoons in the mail from friends too: one favourite from Leunig on “The Lost Art of Moping” (a much neglected art form).

Other friends sent cards to mark the ‘high occasions’ – finishing treatments, making decisions etc. One friend sent us beautiful, playful, seasonal photographs every once in a while.

A phone call or email to say hello was very welcome. It was a gift to know that people were thinking of us and sending love. Some checked in regularly; others occasionally. All were good options.

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