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Making and Sharing Food

There are times when it’s just too much to have to cook on top of everything else. Not all the time, but sometimes. And, we had a small freezer. Several friends contributed to a ‘food tab’ at the Store run by our local, wonderful restaurant Les Fougeres. We were able to pick up frozen meals when we needed them.

Other friends came with food they’d made or picked up and shared a meal with us (and brought fresh energy and new conversation). It was useful for people to check-in with us ahead of time about whether we could use food at the moment.

Some friends came with ingredients and cooked for us and visited with us, all-in-one.

One friend brought an entire picnic which we enjoyed by the river. It was a lovely day with good conversation as well.

Another who lived nearby offered ‘meals on wheels’ on several occasions – making extra of what she was preparing for supper and having her spouse drop it off to us around dinner time too. It helped that I wasn’t experiencing nausea from treatments.

This sharing of food and conversation deepened several friendships, providing another gift.

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