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Virtual Hugs: Sharing Comfort

Feeling wrapped in love when putting on an item of clothing is very comforting. When my mother was dying of cancer in 1993, a couple of friends gave me a purple sweatshirt with an embroidered women’s symbol. After my own diagnosis, the same friends arrived with a jacket lined with fleece. A cousin brought a soft chemotherapy blanket as a gift to the At Home. I didn't use it for chemo, but I have used it constantly as I've sat and read (and the cat approves, particularly the fleecy rabbit embroidered in!0

Another couple gave me “Snip”, a beanie cat that came with the instruction to talk to her whenever I needed an ear.

The most astonishingly unexpected and wonderful gift came from two colleagues (and friends) from the Prairies who sent me a pair of moccasins, hand-made by an Aboriginal craftswoman, and beaded to reflect my love of gardening.

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