Spiritual Reflections

Confronting mortality (and navigating a path to wellness) certainly provides an opportunity (spur) to think about the meaning of life and how to live it well.

We were blessed to receive (ecumenical) prayers and poems. Julian of Norwich and her encouragement, was often mentioned: “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

We also received the gift of being in the prayers and positive thoughts of many.

When radiation was finished, we received this note from a dear friend, a nun in New Zealand, who has been a mentor, sounding board and inspiration to me for nearly 45 years (and is herself 94): "It was wonderful news to hear that the radiation is finished. It is very hard to believe that it has all happened in a year and a day. Even to me it feels like an eternity. So it must feel like several eternities to you! Thank you for giving us such an inspiring witness to hope and courage and perseverance. You have been in our daily prayer so long that I think we’ll have to keep you there. Tell Angie that she has had the same effect on us and we want to thank her for her love and constancy in caring for you."

I’ve included some of the inspirational and reflective things shared with us in the Prayers and Poems sub-section.

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