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[This letter was sent by Angie to our wider circle of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.] For those of you who we have not connected with personally during the haze of the last couple of weeks, this email may bring new, sad news but also hope and an invitation.

After a suspicious mammogram in late January and a trip to Montreal for biopsies on February 01, it was confirmed on Thursday, February 04, that Brettel has breast cancer. In addition to a tumour, there has been local spread to at least one lymph node. This cancer, we are being clearly told, is treatable but we face many tough months ahead. Brettel will begin her treatment with chemotherapy - likely to begin early March – to be followed by surgery and radiation.

We are finding our balance, receiving much care and support, and getting organized to begin the next steps of our/Brettel's journey ...

In the midst of so much (necessary) activity and the whirl of emotions, we have taken a breath and decided that we would like to host a wee (or probably a bit bigger than wee actually) afternoon Open House ("it takes a village") Sunday Feb 28th, to gather family and friends before the next part of this begins.

I hope you can join us.


Sunday, February 28th ... anytime between 1:00 and 5:00

Come when you can, leave when you must.

What to bring: I will have some wines, cold drinks and a few simple snacks available. If you would also like to bring along any beverage you'd like to drink that would be great.

More importantly, I would like to ask each of you to bring a small CARD or NOTE with the following included in it.

  • One positive thought, quote, reminder, encouragement, or photo etc., that you would like to share with Brettel (and, that we can integrate into/onto a 'Vision Board' we will be creating, which will be strategically placed within Brettel's sight, as needs be.

  • Your name, and coordinates (email, phone numbers etc)

  • Any 'specific' task or talent you feel comfortable contributing ie., that will assist us/me in accompanying Brettel thru her treatment plan over the next many months ... drives, food, spring/summer gardening), distractions etc ...all creative practical assistance welcome.

This list will help me immensely in the task of organizing and judiciously calling upon your concrete help over the coming weeks and months. Thank you dear friends.

If you live "away" and/or are not able to drop by Feb 28th, please feel free to email or snail mail me with the above request.

As we send this email invite out to folks over the next day or two we may (inadvertently) miss people who would obviously be in our circle of friends/supportive folks ... please feel free to mention the open house to others (and apologize on our behalf to anyone we may have forgotten).

With love and gratitude,

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